I see true Whole health as the incorporation of Western medicine and traditional healing with finding what balance works for you as you evolve through life 


About Me:


   Ashley Gwyneth grew up in York, Maine as a very athletic and school-oriented child. She was a gymnast, on sports teams, an honours student, and served on an HIV/AIDS awareness education team for New England. After a severe back injury, she began a downward spiral for years of physical "dis-ease" with partial paralysis of the digestive system, endocrine system imbalance, among many other side effects and ailments. Having to trade out sports, school, extracurriculars, and a regular kid life for constant testing/treatment in hospitals and excessive prescription medications, her emotional/spiritual strength and courage began to wain as well. After feeling largely failed by western medicine's approach to her, she sought help from a Chinese Acupuncturist that changed her life. Ashley went on to attend high school in Costa Rica and lived and studied in many traditional cultures, fueled by her passion for medical anthropology, in Latin American countries and the Hawaiian Islands. She has since been guided and mentored by her Shaman/MD, her Reiki Masters, and many gurus along the way that has provided traditional herbal medicines, methods, and techniques for her own health and the teachings for the health and well being of others.


The ocean and surfing have been her meditation and respite since her childhood accident, leading to a life of teaching surfing to all walks of life in USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The transition from teaching surfing to providing traditional healing happened organically over the years as she began to see her students needing not only surfing technique instruction but also life guidance, support, love, acceptance, and release.


She completed her Usui Reiki Master Teacher training in Puerto Rico and USA, mentoring under teachers with roots in Native American, Asian, and traditional Latin American techniques. She now certifies and mentors practitioners in these methods. She also holds certifications in Acupressure and Adept. Ashley Gwyneth started her first practice in the flower district of Manhattan, New York and continued her private practice in St Augustine, Florida where she became an adjunct professor in the continuing education program at Flagler College teaching Eastern energy medicine philosophies.  Ashley is now based in Montreal, Canada where she practices at Clinique Camelia Sante in Rosemont and Spa Nubia Vert in the Mile End and travels internationally to teach workshops and surfing.