Reiki For Refugees

Healing Program

  Myself and fellow healer Selome Araya, have collaborated to create a universal program that brings refugees and Reiki practitioners together to enhance the ongoing care refugee centers and resettlement programs provide with Reiki healing techniques and meditation to help alleviate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


    The Reiki for Refugees program compliments the medical, mental, legal, and social work care refugees and survivors of torture receive at the centers by adding a holistic approach to stress management and emotional health. The program trains energy practitioners on how to modify their handwork to accommodate a refugee's and/or victims of torture's unique needs and how to conduct group sessions as well as private ones. The program also addresses the secondary stress of employees working on refugee resettlement. 

    We feel adding Reiki to this support system will greatly aid in healing from their past and bring a sense of lasting peace to the clients and community. We will offer education on becoming a Reiki practitioner to help give refugees that have gone through the program a path to heal their family, friends, and community as well. 

My goal is to provide Refugee centers and the people under their care with dedicated volunteer practitioners (educated on the unique healing needs of refugees) so the community can have access to Reiki treatments, guided meditation, and any other support they may need 100% free of charge.


Linking Reiki healing with people in need is extremely important to me as I have received treatment, love, peace, and care throughout my life from individuals from all over the world that have taught me about myself and have healed me in so many ways. 

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