Read client experiences about their Reiki sessions with Ashley Gwyneth

"When I came to Gwyn’s Reiki class at Flagler College with my sweet 80 year old mom, I went purely to learn and enjoy a weekly outing with my mom. I wasn’t searching for a gifted healer, therapist, coach, or such a deeply compassionate soul.  Gwyn is all that and more. When classes had ended, I asked if I could see her for a healing session.  I had been struggling with three to four migraines a week and severe pain and swelling in my hands.  Pain had begun to limit what I could do on a daily basis.  Worse, my normal positive confident attitude changed and I had become scared, sad and hopeless.  

I had prior injuries, and surgeries but, I never experienced this level of pain in my life. Doctors had been testing for months, from multiple blood panels to a heart cauterization, a lumbar puncture and more. Looking back on the year, Gwyn had the most difficult job. I felt she was genuinely scared for me and she was the only one that not only got it but let me know she was there for me. We have many words to describe gratitude; but, they fall short for what I feel. She cleared away energies that I wasn’t able to clear myself.  She addressed the inner and outer energetic support I needed to manage my mental, spiritual and physical health. I am now being treated by a top Lupus pioneer at UF Shands Hospital as well as a Neurologist.  Both are amazed that my hands have improved and I haven’t had a migraine or any headache for over six months. I will be forever will be grateful to Gwyn for being such a big channel for my mental, spiritual, and physical healing."

R. Polanco, Sales, St Augustine, 2017  




"I had been curious about Reiki for quite some time and knew that I needed to be cautious about finding a healer that I was comfortable with. At the time of our meeting, I had just gone on medical leave from my job as I was not coping well with a recently diagnosed chronic disease. I was completely drained from the toll it was having on both my physical and mental health. From the moment we first met, Ashley has been a lifeline. She exudes healing, her intuition is spot on (I’ve never had someone reach out to me in such moments of need the way Ashley has sensed and then sent me a text or gave me a call), and she has been there for me at every moment of my journey to regaining health and balance. Through her gentle guidance, I have been able to start finding the language to express my fears, emotions, and pain which has helped me feel more in control of the uncontrollable things happening in my body. She has been instrumental in helping me build a toolbox of practical ways to cope with both my emotional and physical pain that I am able to practice daily. Forever holding gratitude for Ashley and the gifts she offers with such care, wisdom and (for lack of a better word) pure magic."

                                                                                                                                R, International Marketing Montreal,  2018

"Ashley's Reiki treatments helped me go through a difficult period in my life. I wasn't familiar with Reiki, and her professionalism and intuition helped me to find my strength and my truth. With the support of Ashley, I managed to continue my intense job at the hospital, while going through big life changes and I will be forever thankful! I will now pursue healing but in a growth perspective! Merci"

                                                                                                 A, spiritual Minister for end of life hospice, Montreal 2019

"As a practicing Reiki Master, it was a refreshing course. She was adept at including those who knew the

practice and those new to the philosophy. I will highly recommend her to other interested parties.

Gwyn is an amazing instructor who makes everyone feel comfortable & an integral part of the class.

She is very knowledgeable about her subject & goes above & beyond to offer support and guidance to all students"

M, Reiki Master Practitioner, St Augustine, 2017




"I completed the A.C.E. Reiki 1 class on 4/10/17 and would like to commend Flagler College on their choice of the instructor for this class!  Ms. Imonetti was an outstanding teacher and made the class extremely informative and interesting.  Her ability to make every student feel welcome in class encouraged us to share our experiences and knowledge.  Ms. Imonetti is not only an excellent teacher but an incredible person and should be considered a great asset to your teaching staff.  

I look forward to taking another class with her!"

Dale, former animal cruelty investigator, Flagler College student, 2016




“I received Reiki for the first time at Gwyn's studio in Manhattan. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but, she guided me through each step and made me feel at ease. It was such a unique experience; I went in with so many running emotions and questions but, by the end of the session I felt both at peace and energized. Gwyn is an old soul with beautiful healing energy.”

Heather, Nurse Practitioner, New York  2015




"Listen up ya'll. Ash has the gift. I was skeptical at first, but some recent events in my life compelled me to try Reiki. Without going into specifics (because it's different for everyone), I came out of the session like Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) after chatting with Sigmund Freud in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: Woah. I'm not a skeptic anymore."

Justin, Video Game Development, Maine  2016